We have to create specific programs, special urban cells capable to propose small transformations growing in a continuous process. Por antonomasia, un caso típico, la localización de Forma.

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JMJ Modernism decreed that it was important first to raze and than to build up again from zero. They did so before the Favela-Bairro-program was launched, in the period of the military dictatorship. This has meant replacing muddy dirt paths with paved walkways, creating streets capable of sustaining vehicular traffic, building sewer systems and cleaning up polluted streams and rivers, and providing communities with social centers, clinics, daycare centers, and athletic complexes. We learn from the psychoanalysis how "to listen" to a certain speaker. Por lo tanto, la arquitectura no determina el modo de vivir, ella construye aquello que imaginamos que sea la mejor manera de vivir. Argentinians form groups of study in all parts of the world where they arrive. And precisely what does it establish? They disappear not at all. What are you doing to convince the favela people of your ideas?

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The architect has to create an "atmosphere" in which the client' s true desires have the chance to emerge. For instance, in Vidigal, a once desolate area is transformed into a public square with flowing walls and stairs seeming to echo the dramatic, undulating coastlines of Rio. Und schon gar nicht platzen sechs Reifen auf einmal. Before they were ashamed to tell others where they lived. That was the most difficult program to be established, for example in the favela of Salgueiro. Favela Chic.

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The psychoanalyst is interested in the singular person, in all his or her singularity or individuality. Porquê esses dois domínios? No other specialist is capable of working that out. I call the Community Association to make the first appointment in the favela and normally, when I arrive, there are always people waiting for me. O Oscar Niemeyer é um grande arquitecto e largamente conhecido pelo seu discurso de esquerda com grandes preocupações sociais. How did you become attracted to this kind of work? He has neither to dominate - which is impossible - nor to submit himself to the wave "that is coming" towards him - which could kill him. The reason is that in the early days of settlement, wealthy inhabitants laid claim to sites near the harbor, leaving the steep, inaccessible hillsides to the poor.

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We first try to understand how the slum is organized. I'm talking about some of them. Der modernistische Städtebau, den alle lateinamerikanischen Regimes pflegten, kannte nur Tabula-rasa-Lösungen - aber keine dauerhaften Erfolge. It was conceived by an architect, it indicates things are changing: People understand they now have the right to what was only available in the so-called "formal city"[ordinary neighborhoods]. Others are much newer. He tried to create a derecho, urban environment, but it never really proved to be effective. En Brasil, en el ilê awo, él nace en el cuarto de balé, donde son colocadas ofrendas de comidas y realizadas ceremonias a los Eguns.

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